Toptit - PDF

Toptit - PDF

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This is a digital print of "Toptit", one of the Birds in Hats series by Josh Drummondwho is me. Also, hi! Thanks for supporting my art by buying my work. 

This gentlemanly fellow bops from branch to branch in the forest, hob-knobbing up a storm with his stylish chaps and tip-top hat. He's the toppest tit in town. 

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You are free to print any of these PDFs out in any size or any format you like - put it on paper, a t-shirt, a dinner plate, whatever! These files are DRM-free, because DRM is silly. Instead of DRM, I make this file available out of trust that you'll respect my work and that you will not host the files anywhere, pass my art off as your own work, or use it for any commercial purpose.

If someone else wants a copy of any of these files, or is otherwise interested in my work, please send them back to my shop, so they can purchase their own file, print, or other product, and help support my art. Thanks!