How to commission me

Here's my standard commission information, which I've cobbled together out of all the messages I've sent to various awesome people asking about my art. It's a bit of a long read so go over it carefully! Do feel free to follow up if you have any other questions at all.

For commissions, prices vary. For traditional paintings, prices would usually start at around $200 USD for a small painting that would take maybe several hours, and go up to $1000 USD for something the size and effort equivalent of my No Man's Sky painting (have a look on my YouTube here, size 20 x 30 inches.) Shipping overseas varies from about $40 USD for a small painting to about $300 USD for something large i.e. 20 x 30 in. If all that sounds OK, please feel free to commission me! Just bear in mind that shipping may be delayed as New Zealand is currently in a lockdown over covid-19 and I'm stuck in my house. I can of course send you a digital file of your painting as soon as it's finished / dry, and send you the painting itself when the lockdown lifts.

Digital art is a different story. I can produce it a lot faster and just email you a file. For that reason, prices start cheaper: $50 USD for a simple piece and scaling up from there. If that's OK, feel free to commission a digital piece instead of traditional art. I can still make digital stuff bob rossish if that's your thing.

If you are keen for a commission, that's rad - let's continue the conversation by emailing me at It's really hard to track my messages on other platforms and I'm worried about missing a reply! Please also bear in mind that quite a few people message me about commissions and it's first in, first served. Pretty soon there's going to be a bit of a waiting list.

Payment is agreed upfront between us and my terms are: half to be paid as a deposit, half on completion. Shipping (for traditional art) gets calculated a specialist courier service, Pack & Send, and added to the price after completion. I use them instead of the normal post because they're used to carefully packing and shipping art and getting it to its destination safely.

Other stuff: if you agree to me doing a commission for you, you've got to be OK with me making an episode of my YouTube show out of the art-making process (and if what you want me to paint is something I also want to make for YouTube, there might be a discount in it for you!) Your details will of course be kept private and confidential (unless you specifically ask me to identify you for whatever reason). I also reserve the right to sell prints based on the piece. Hope that's OK - I'm trying to make a living out of doing art stuff at a pretty challenging time, so I gotta do what I can to stay afloat :)

Whew. Does all that sound all right? Then feel free to commission me! Send an email to and we'll suss it out. The next steps will generally be for you to send me photos and ideas for inspiration, and we'll agree on a timeframe. Then you'll send a deposit, and we'll take it from there.

If you've read all of the above and a commission doesn't sound right for you, no worries! You can still enjoy my art in a bunch of other ways. Sub to my YouTube channel ( or follow me on Insta ( or even on Facebook if that's your thing ( And just sharing my stuff around helps me enormously. Every time you do, God pats a kitten. Please, think of the kittens.

If you're short on cash, but you still want to buy something, there's also my shop,, where you currently are, for prints and digital art files. But by far the most cost-effective way to buy my stuff is to support me on Patreon. I have only just set this up, but if you want to get your own digital copy of every piece of art I make, you can get a digital art subscription at my Patreon ( for as little as a dollar per month.

Thanks again for looking into a commission. It's starting to look like making a living from my art might be an actual possibility instead of a distant dream. If it does happen, it'll be because of people like you. So thank you very much.