Morepilot - PDF

Morepilot - PDF

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This is a digital print of "Morepilot", from an original painting in acrylic on canvas, and is part of the Birds in Hats series by Joshua Drummond, who is me. Also, hi! Thanks for supporting my art by buying my work. 

This savvy gal silently sails the night skies, her passengers safe and sound. She sees everything she needs to see, and she'll get you where you need to go. If you hear her call, you know that someone out there cares for you. Some fun facts: She's a morepork - a small, native New Zealand owl. The Maori name for her is Ruru, which is also the sound she makes, and it's also the name I sell my art under. She's got a few variants all over the world - in Australia, she's called Boobook. 

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