King Fisher - Original Painting

King Fisher - Original Painting

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This is an original painting called "King Fisher." It is part of the Birds in Hats series, by Joshua Drummond, who is me. Also, hi! Thanks for supporting my art by buying my work with real money.

Mighty king of the streams and rivers, the King Fisher wears his crown with pride, taking it off only to hunt, and mate. To people who say "Hey! Mate! Your crown looks a bit like one from a famous TV show that ended really badly!" the King Fisher says, "Wat?"

The cost of this painting is $10,000, which is a 99.5% discount on its NFT equivalent, "Mark Zuckerbirb." Buy now and save!

Buying this painting entitles the purchaser to a.) The Original painting of King Fisher, unvarnished acrylic on a 10 x 10 inch canvas, b.) the destruction (by burning) of "Mark Zuckerbirb," this painting's NFT equivalent.

The purchaser buys this painting under the strict condition that a.) they will never, ever turn it into an NFT and b.) shipping costs extra and is arranged between buyer and seller after the sale.