Moo - PDF

Moo - PDF

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This is a printable PDF of "Moo", which I think is probably the most unsettling painting I've ever done. Yes, including the one of the skinless people-eaters in the desert. 

A quick story. I'm from New Zealand. We have far too many cows here. One day, my wife  and I were driving through the countryside, surrounded - as everyone is in New Zealand - by cows. I was feeling sleepy (fortunately, my wife was driving) and, half-dreaming, it suddenly seemed like the cows on each side of us had enormously elongated legs, which ended in sharp, sharp knives. I jolted awake. Just cows. But I've always found cattle oddly malevolent, and I thought it'd be fun to share this insight with the world. So here you go. A cow with knives for legs, standing in the mist, ready to step all over your helpless body. Enjoy. 

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