Climate Change Kookaburra - PDF

Climate Change Kookaburra - PDF

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Gidday. This is a high-resolution PDF of the original painting "Climate Change Kookaburra" by Joshua Drummond, who is me. For the foreseeable future, all profits from sales of this PDF will go towards accredited Australian organisations working in bushfire relief.

Here's how it works: 

  • You buy a PDF
  • At the end of the month, I'll add up the profits from sales of this PDF. Because this is a PDF, with no shipping costs, this is everything left after the credit card processor take their cut. 
  • I'll donate all the profits each month to one of the following organisations, including:

  • WIRES, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation
  • Wildlife Victoria (also working in wildlife rescue, but in the state of Victoria)
  • Various rural fire services and other bushfire relief organisations in fire-affected states - the full list of organisations I'll donate profits to is at this link

Usually I make a bit of a goofy story to go with my bird prints but in this case I don't really need to: Australia has been smashed by bushfires and I want to do what I can to help. So I've painted this bird wearing a firefighter's hat, based on Wallabi Point real estate agent Adam Stevenson's viral photo of a kookaburra sitting on a branch in front of a swathe of burned bush. I've also made this print a bit cheaper than some of my others on the site so it'll sell more. 

Digital File / Downloadable PDFs

You are free to print this PDF out in any size or any format you like - put it on paper, a t-shirt, a dinner plate, whatever! These files are DRM-free, because DRM is silly. Instead of DRM, I make this file available out of trust that you'll respect my work and that you will not host the files anywhere, pass my art off as your own work, or use it for any commercial purpose.

If someone else wants a copy of any of these files, or is otherwise interested in my work, please send them back to my shop, so they can purchase their own file, print, or other product, and help support my art. Thanks!